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Human Resources Today Webinar Series: Inclusivity in 2020 and Beyond

How A counseling Culture Can Help Leaders Lead with Empathy

The year 2020 will certainly go down in the books as a controversy-filled year due to so much adversity around issues like the Black Lives Matters movement to end racism and social injustices, the raging wildfires on the U.S. west coast burning more than 4 million acres resulting in thousands of home evacuations, to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic that claimed millions of lives. There is no doubt that the mental and physical health of people has been negatively impacted, both in personal and professional settings. 

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Remote-How Webinar Series

Reducing the Impact of Remote Work Loneliness

Tuesday, Feb 9th at 4pm UTC (11am EST)

Join us for this Free Webinar, Reducing the Impacts of Remote Work Loneliness | on Tuesday, Feb 9th at 4pm UTC (11am EST) as we explore some of the dangers that loneliness and isolation can cause to your remote employees, the benefits of embracing positive relationships, and some applicable ideas you can bring back to your remote teams. 

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