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The more affecting phases of the employee experience are onboarding, engagement, performance, and development. It is important to understand why and how to calibrate these steps because they are the milestones that will make an employee decide to stay or go. But the employer-employee relationship is a two-way street. It should be weaved into the culture that it is the responsibility of employers to provide the resources and guidance to prepare employees for their experience at the organization. It is the responsibility of employees to take this empowerment and autonomy to perform at their best and have an impact.

With location-independent employees and managers, it takes a different type of approach to foster this dynamic. Make sure employees know that the flexibility of remote work includes a responsibility to deliver results by setting clear business expectations and objectives. Managers need to make sure those goals align with the company mission and to facilitate the environment for achieving those goals. Employees who embrace their strengths and take ownership of their duties tend to be successful. Mutual relationship management provides a space where everyone can thrive; the people and your bottom-line.

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