About Us

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Founded in 2013, Blend Me, Inc. helps location-independent startups and small businesses improve the remote employee experience, from onboarding to offboarding. By taking a collaborative approach we assist clients with the journey each remote employee takes by being a member of your organization. Our solutions and services range from Onboarding Strategy and Design, Inclusion and Diversity, Employee Research and Engagement, Internal Marketing and Communications.

Our Mission

To redefine the workplace as location-independent, motivated by work-life integration and the remote employee experience. 

Our Vision

We envision a workplace where connections are made through intentional and effective collaboration and communication; a place where performance is results-driven because that is what matters; and a place where physical location is arbitrary because leadership empowers employees to integrate their personal and professional lives. 

Our Values

Work-Life Integration

Our core is a culture driven by a fundamental principle that we are most effective when we have the flexibility to do work and do life at times when it meets personal and professional needs.  OR  when we have the flexibility to unify our personal and professional obligations.  

Culture Add vs Culture Fit

Inclusion and diversity is our strategic advantage that produces a safe environment where people can bring their full selves to work. We look for opportunities to add to our culture instead of finding people who fit our culture. 

Collaborative Process

We are here to work alongside our clients in finding the best solutions. We are true collaborators and seek to assist organizations with issues that they may or may not have experience with. We encourage and support a brainstorming style of dialogue to reach solutions among all levels in a company, including leadership, middle management, and other employees and units.

Data-Informed Decisions

We rely on quantitative and qualitative information to make informed decisions around key performance indicators. The remote space needs to be results-oriented and data lets us work smarter and efficiently.


We believe that the best results can be achieved when value is placed on openness among employees, managers, and leadership. A transparent environment cultivates organic and honest communication, builds trust, fosters accountability, and leads to better productivity all around. 

Continuous Improvement

We want to work with organizations that are committed to continuous improvement. This means there is value placed on assessing what works and what doesn’t work in an effort to be better; reflecting on the impacts of people and processes; and celebrating incremental advancements while understanding there is always work to be done.

Our Team

Jennifer Cameron, CEO at Blend Me, Inc
Jennifer Cameron
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

As CEO, Jennifer guides Blend Me, Inc’s remote employee experience, vision, strategic goals, and long-term strategy. She leads by believing in her employees and empowering them to do what they are good at. Jennifer is a proud University of Connecticut alumni, where she earned a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management. Her expertise revolves around organizational culture, employee engagement, process improvement, and therapeutic lifestyle changes. 

Kaleem Clarkson, Chief Operation Officer at Blend Me, Inc
Kaleem Clarkson
Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder

As the Chief Operating Officer, Kaleem ensures all of Blend, Me Inc’s services and programs follow the strategic plan and the vision of the CEO. He helps clients select products that integrate with new or existing operational procedures to increase effectiveness and reduce inefficiencies. With nearly 20 years of strategic operations and event planning experience, his passions have always revolved around the stakeholder experience, from concert and conference attendees to professional development programs for distributed, remote, and telecommute employees.

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