Remote Work Consulting and Training

Remote Work Consulting and Training

Companies are adopting remote and hybrid-remote practices more quickly than ever. We help you improve processes and develop your teams through leadership coaching and training. 

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of all employees surveyed have prioritized remote work. 



of all new jobs have the ability to work from outside of the office. 

Just like your employees, your company is a living, breathing, ever-changing organism. Time, knowledge, opportunities, and obstacles shape it. And because one path brought you success doesn’t mean the same path will bring you to the next level of success.

Organizational Development is the intentional practice of managing change as you evolve. And this is no easy feat. Developing your organization means focusing on structures and processes which directly impact employee behavior and performance. People are complex and have different demeanors and motivations. All of the humanistic values and characteristics which make up a unique culture need to be nurtured. There are systematic ways of managing change efforts. We can help you blend your people and processes more effectively.

It’s our job to help your organization move forward. That could mean realignment, new policies and procedures, employee engagement, improved communications, or implementing a more comprehensive telework strategy. Not sure what you need? We can help with that too. Let’s get started!

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Remote Work Consulting and Training Services

Standard Operating Procedures and Playbooks

Ensuring that your teams have documented procedures that are easy to find and accessible regardless of location is critical for remote and hybrid-remote teams. We can help your business in selecting the right tools and facilitate the collection of documentation for steps to get the job done.

Remote and Hybrid-Remote Employee Handbooks

Understanding remote work policies serves both employee and employer. Specifically, the hybrid-remote handbook documents expectations and provides guidance around what it means and how it works to be hybrid-remote at your workplace. As we embrace the reality that work can be structured differently regardless of where it is done from, the handbook is a formal communication tool outlining those requirements and resources available to everyone.

Remote Leadership Development Training

We live and work in environments that constantly evolve. Putting people first in the workplace is an important strategy. Part of that approach is making sure that development and training opportunities are supported. We want to help you make sure that promotion prospects are available to all employees and development possibilities exist to ensure current managers are equipped to meet the demands of changing work models.

Intranets and Internal Websites

Intranets are private communications networks for internal employees to access, share, and maintain information. Intranets are useful for file storage, collaboration, communication, and content management across the company. A hybrid-remote workforce needs the ability to access and maintain all company information anytime, from anywhere. This includes an in-office shared space calendar for scheduling time together or reserving hotdesks. It is necessary to have a digital hub for policies, procedures, and other resources to maintain efficiency and connect everyone centrally.

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Our Process. Diagnosis

Before we provide any recommendations and/or implementation costs for program initiatives, it is imperative that we conduct an analysis of your current employee experience. We first start with our pre-diagnosis which includes a survey that is sent out to various internal stakeholders. 

During our second phase, Diagnosis, we review your current procedures, conduct individual interviews with all of your c-suite employees, followed by team interviews that exclude their unit supervisor. These two approaches provide critical quantitative and qualitative data to help determine performance gaps.

The diagnosis ends with a final report that includes charted data, employee testimonials, and broad recommendations to overcome those challenges. 

How It Works

1. Conduct A Company Wide Survey
2. Review Current Policies and Procedures
3. Interview C-Suite and their teams
4. Produce a detailed report with our recommendations


per / month

approx. 60 hrs


per / month

approx. 30 hrs

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