Internal Marketing and Communications

Unite your organization with a clear and focused marketing campaign to all of your internal stakeholders. 

In many aspects, internal marketing is no different than external marketing in that you are providing vital information and demonstrating the benefits of your service to your target audience. For internal marketing, the target audience is your employees and other internal stakeholders, including but not limited to contractors, board members, and shareholders.

Promote your company culture, brand, products, and services through various internal communication channels. Strategic communication fosters understanding, support, and commitment from employees who, in turn, become more engaged and advocate for your organization.



How We Can Help You with Internal Marketing and Communications

Internal Marketing

  • Employer Branding - Mission, Vision, and Culture
  • Internal / Intranet Website Development
  • New Program / Initiative Campaigns

Internal Communications

  • Employee Email Campaigns
  • Asynchronous vs Synchronous Communication Styles

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