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Expand Your Leadership Team at a Fraction of the Cost

When organizations are going through rapid growth or cutbacks, we can help expand your leadership team while also reducing costs. 

Our fractional HR leadership solutions allow companies to acquire expertise on-demand or on a interim basis. 

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On-demand Remote People Operations 

Our fractional executive plans are designed for organizations that are looking for on-demand professionals to serve in a interim or limited capacity for various executive roles that have a major impact on the remote employee experience. Our consultants work alongside other management positions and are recognized by internal and external stakeholders as an employee of the organization.   

Key Points

  • No clear start and end date
  • Services may vary based on the bi-weekly priorities set by their supervisor

Example Roles and Titles

  • Chief People Officer
  • VP of Inclusion and Diversity
  • Director of Remote
  • Internal Communications Manager

Our clients utilize fractional HR leadership when: 

  • A vital leadership role is required but does not warrant a full-time position
  • Rapid growth or cutbacks occurs and there is a lack of time to conduct a proper applicant search
  • The current people operations team is small and already overworked. 
  • A third-party expert is needed to provide fresh outlooks and new perspectives.

Flat Rate Monthly Pricing

All of our client partners are provided an allotment of hours each month.  If we go over the hours, don’t worry, that's our bad. We will complete the work for the month at no additional costs.


Per Month
Approx. 60 hours per month


Per Month
Approx. 30 hours per month

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