Project-based Consulting

Project-based Consulting

Accelerate Growth and Maintain Focus

Our project based consulting is perfect for organizations who need just a little help to get that project off the ground.

We work alongside your team to determine goals, ojbectives and timelines to get it done. Address immediate challenges without interruption in service.

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Project-Based Consulting

Our project-based consulting plans are for organizations that have a project which has a specific start and end date. For these projects, our consultants maintain the relationship as an external, third-party expert that is solely focused on the project at hand.

Key Points  

  • Clear start and end dates
  • Services as outlined in the project scope of work

Our clients use project-based consulting when: 

  • A challenge needs immediate attention but your current staff is already overloaded
  • There is a temporary surplus in the budget to address various needs
  • When solutions to challenges need benchmarking statistics for continuous improvement
  • Third-party expertise that provides new perspectives  


Flat Rate Monthly Pricing

All of our client partners are provided an allotment of hours each month.  If we go over the hours, don’t  worry, thats our bad. We will complete the work for the month at no additional costs.


Per Month
Approx. 60 hours per month


Per Month
Approx. 30 hours per month

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