Talent Acquisition for Remote Teams

Talent Acquisition for Remote Teams

Companies are adopting remote and hybrid-remote practices more quickly than ever. We help you build strategies to successfully recruit and retain remote candidates. 

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of CEOs see a need to change their strategy for finding talent.


claim they haven’t taken action on new strategies.

Traditionally, organizations that embraced workplace flexibility by offering either remote or hybrid-remote work maintained a strategic advantage for attracting and hiring top talent. Now that employees from around the world have experienced some version of remote work, candidates no longer see remote work as a perk but an expectation. 

Today, leaders agree that adjusting recruitment and combining it with training and retention strategies is more critical now than ever.

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Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, and Retainment Services

Talent Acquisition Delivery

Our team handles everything you need from sourcing to recruiting and stakeholder management so that you can bring on the right talent when you need it.

Talent Acquisition Experience

Talent Acquisition Experience refers to the experience of all stakeholders involved in the hiring process including candidates, hiring manager, and other business partners.

Onboarding Strategy and Design

How do you introduce new employees to the company and provide them with the resources to be successful? What steps have you taken to standardize your process? These are just a few of the opportunities for which we help our clients conceptualize and implement solutions.

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Talent Acquisition Strategy

Talent Acquisition strategy encompasses a company’s go to market recruiting plan, stakeholder engagement model, adoption of next-gen practices, and long-term workforce planning. By having a defined Talent strategy in place, you are able to plan for success.

Talent Acquisitions Operations and Governance

TA Operations & Governance covers all of the inner workings of TA, its policies and practices, the TA tech stack, and government or regulatory compliance. 

Employee Research and Engagement

The onboarding process is critical for creating opportunities for new employees to engage with their new team members. New recruits can offer new insights through pulse surveys as well as focus groups. By being inclusive through these research or data collection areas, new employees feel like they are able to make an immediate impact and this gets them engaged early on.

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Our Process. Diagnosis

Before we provide any recommendations and/or implementation costs for program initiatives, it is imperative that we conduct an analysis of your current employee experience. We first start with our pre-diagnosis which includes a survey that is sent out to various internal stakeholders. 

During our second phase, Diagnosis, we review your current procedures, conduct individual interviews with all of your c-suite employees, followed by team interviews that exclude their unit supervisor. These two approaches provide critical quantitative and qualitative data to help determine performance gaps.

The diagnosis ends with a final report that includes charted data, employee testimonials, and broad recommendations to overcome those challenges. 

How It Works

1. Conduct A Company Wide Survey
2. Review Current Policies and Procedures
3. Interview C-Suite and their teams
4. Produce a detailed report with our recommendations


per / month

approx. 60 hrs


per / month

approx. 30 hrs

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