ALA Right Now: A Virtual Conference

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How the Future of Remote Work Impacts Organizations
How the Future of Remote Work Impacts Organizations

This session will discuss the future implications for your firm regarding the move to remote work. Whether your firm is deciding to shift to remote work temporarily or permanently, you will need to consider the advantages and challenges around the three different models of telework and the considerations for each of those options.  We will discuss various topics to which you can begin to think strategically, including but not limited to, operations - policies and procedures, reducing company expenses, mitigating potential turnover, keeping employees productive, and much more.

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • The State of Remote Work: Before and After the Pandemic
  • Considerations for a Temporary Shift to Remote Work
  • The Three Models of Telework
  • Considerations for a Permanent Shift to Remote Work
  • Remote Work Implementation Strategies
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