Remote Weekly Spotlight

Remote Weekly Spotlight
How to Communicate Without a Workplace

If you don't see someone in person, how can you develop a real connection with them?

Communicating without a physical workplace can be hard. Many companies and employees who've never been away from a central office for this amount of time are feeling disconnected. But the symptom is not the problem.

To foster a connection to a company's vision and mission, employees need to feel challenged, rewarded, and they need to be able to "feel" the culture, even if they can't physically see it.

Many remote/distributed companies do this well (TaxJar, GitLab Inc., and Kinsta® just to name a few).

Kaleem Clarkson is an employee experience expert, and COO of Blend Me, Inc and founder of RemotelyOne. In this episode of #RemoteWeeklySpotlight​ Kaleem Clarkson and I discuss this, AND:

  • How companies can empower and improve their employees' experience by marketing internally.
  • The power of diversity and culture in distributed, remote, or telecommuting work environments.
  • His college days in a metal band and holding a football conference record for the longest fumble recovery. ... and much more!
How to Communicate Without a Workplace
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