Feeling Alone While Working Remotely? Top things you can do to combat loneliness

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Feeling Alone while working remotely


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On November 10th, we are hosting a live expert webinar panel with BravelyMindleticBlend MeUnlock, and SafetyWing to bring you the top things you can do to combat loneliness.

While remote work continues to popularize, and for good reason, it certainly comes with its own set of difficulties. One significant disadvantage is how remote work affects mental and physical well-being. We all know that feeling when we are sitting at our desk and it feels like no one is there. It’s a really lonely feeling.

But, we can fight loneliness by making slight changes in our daily working lives. In this webinar, our expert panel will address loneliness by focusing on the following topics:

  • Primary contributors to loneliness in remote workers
  • Creating a daily routine and schedule structure
  • Building remote relationships with colleagues and managers
  • Getting out of the house and taking breaks
  • The best apps that address loneliness


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