The Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace
Is that hybrid? Or telecommuting? I’m so confused.


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83% of CEOs want people back in the office. 10% of employees want to be there.

Clearly, we’ve got some issues to work out.

Kaleem Clarkson is the co-founder of Blend Me, Inc and a remote work consultant.

In this show, Kaleem and Neil talk about the real definition of hybrid work. There are so many issues to sort out:

  • How many days people are expected to be in the office
  • How mandatory those days are
  • Should teams be in the office on all the same days
  • If people have desks waiting for them or not

There’s a lot to work out and we are just in the early days. As digital leaders figure out how they want to use their offices, they need help from others to figure that out.

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