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Climbing the TREE: The Remote Employee Experience (TREE)


The popularity of remote work has skyrocketed over the past decade or so. People from all over the world are finding remote work opportunities. Remote work does come with its own challenges and it rests on the shoulders of employers: how to maintain employee satisfaction. With no to little in person communication, remote work can seem isolating. People like Kaleem Clarkson, COO of Blend Me, help employers and employees be happy campers and stay that way in the remote work world.

In this episode of The New Nomad, our hosts Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski, together with Kaleem, talk about the remote work environment, its ups and downs, and how to overcome difficulties when it comes to the laptop lifestyle. As remote workers and digital nomads themselves, they discussed TREE or The Remote Employee Experience and its importance to thriving in the remote work world. It truly is a topic worth your while. So grab your notebook and jot down valuable information as you listen to this episode.

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