Recruiting and Engaging Remote Teams that Thrive

Monday, May 16th
Pre-conference Workshop
Recruiting and Engaging Remote Teams that Thrive
Women Leading Remote Team

reLead Approach

Leaders have a tremendous impact on company culture and the employee experience. The future of work is reflective of the fundamental ways in which work is changing – how, who, when, and where – and that means we also need a shift in the mindset of our leaders. The capabilities that got our leaders where they are today, are not the same as what will help them thrive in the future. reLead is designed to recalibrate leaders’ aptitude for managing uncertainty, taking a people-centric approach, and being successful in this new hybrid-remote environment.

Pre-conference Workshop

Recruiting and Engaging Remote Teams that Thrive

As we find our footing in the new landscape of work, we must be intentional about how we build and engage remote teams that thrive. “Returning to normal” means going back to a time when finding talent was restricted by location and distributed employees are isolated, lonely, and disconnected from their teams. The former way of doing things is no longer an option. We must recalibrate our mindset to develop environments that allow individuals and organizations to attract and retain all employees independent of location.

This pre-conference workshop provides the time and space for leaders, managers, and executives to explore the research on the impact of disconnection on engagement and retention. We will explore strategies for attracting and recruiting remote talent and creating and maintaining programs that lead to meaningful connections.

3 Key Decisions

  1. Create an Employee Value Proposition to Attract Talent
  2. Implement Connection Strategies to Mitigate Disconnection
  3. Develop Remote-First Strategies to Retain And Engage Distributed Teams


Monday, May 16th

Early Bird Deadline

Monday, May 2nd


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General Registration

After May 2nd


General Registration Fee

This Pre-conference Workshop is for:
People Operations
  • Vice President of People Operations / HR
  • Director of People / HR
  • Human Resources Manager
C-Suite Executives
  • Founder / Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Operations Officer (COO)
  • Chief People Officer (CPO)
  • Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
Other Leaders
  • Director of Talent Acquisition 
  • Director of Unit or Division
  • Senior Recruiting Manager
  • Team Manager
  • Team or Scrum Lead
  • Lead Recruiter
By the end of the session, attendees will be able to:
Relead diversity

Describe the importance of social connections for distributed employees

Relead talent acquistion

Identify and customize strategies to engage remote employees in your context

Relead talent delivery

Explain techniques for distributed talent acquisition

Relead onboarding

Create an action plan for next steps

Kaleem Clarkson
Kaleem Clarkson
Chief Operating Officer
Chris Stanzione
Chris Sanzione
Managing Partner
Jennifer Cameron
Jennifer Cameron

Early Bird Deadline

Monday, May 2nd


Includes the pre-conference workshop and any accompanying materials.

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